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RIDDARNA – Ni tar mig aldrig levande

Night of the tentacle Yeah, it’s been a while. Sorry guys. I was stuck. Stuck IRL. “In Real Life”, you know. With people and stuff. But here we go again. Back to the little AbsNoise boutique with one of my … » Continue reading

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CONNY NIMMERSJÖ – Aldrig tyst igen

(Verse) chorus (verse) Download Conny Nimmersjö – Aldrig tyst igen So there is this guy, member of Bob Hund and Dödsfest. His name is Conny Nimmersjö. He is the only Conny I know. And the only Nimmersjö I heard about … » Continue reading

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MY FAVOURITE ALBUM OF 2014: DÖDSFEST – Det sista äventyret

  Let’s look back a little, would you? In 2006: Samuraj Cities – Cheap Deluxe was my favourite Swedish record. In 2007: Promise & the Monster – Transparent knives. In 2008: Paddington DC – Love is Leukemia. In 2009: Dear … » Continue reading

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DISKOTEKET – Jag ser över mitt liv (album review)

1980s are not over Download Diskoteket – Slit ut ditt hjärta I never thought I would ever write this, but now I am listening to Diskoteket, I can affirm post-Apocalypse will sound 1980s. Cause, yeah, when you have finished to … » Continue reading

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FREDRIK GEORG ERIKSSON – Volume (album review)

Jazzy punky This artist is AbsRecommended Download Fredrik Georg Eriksson – Labels on end As I said yesterday, it’s been ages since I did not blog on a regular basis here. Now am back I have to get through all … » Continue reading

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