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  Now I told you about my own favourite records of the year, here is what Swedish artists Absolut Noise does like remember from this past year. I just asked them to send me a “top 10 list” of this … » Continue reading

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SAD DAY FOR PUPPETS – Come closer (album review)

Poppy Download Sad day for puppets – Cold hand I have always praised Sad day for puppets in this blog. Because I have always considered them as one of the best “shoegazing” Swedish bands. Thus, “Pale Silver And Shiny Gold” … » Continue reading

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BRÖDET – Kärlek För Evigt (new song)

Cloudy weather There is a totally unknown and unsigned band from Stockholm. And there is a dreamy voice singing in Swedish. And I like it really much. If Brödet “makes it” one day, I will be able to say I … » Continue reading

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WESTKUST – Junk EP review

This is for the kids, yeah Westkust – Alan Life (video) I was not born to be as cool as Marlon Brando and his bikes or James Dean and his cars. I was too young to play at being Marty … » Continue reading

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Culkin – Several Sundays (album review)

Back to the 1990s Culkin – Tim Kerosene + Kim Heroin (live videos) There are several reasons why I much prefer the 1990s than the 1980s. The main one might be I was a child in the 1980s and a … » Continue reading

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