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MATTIAS ALKBERG – Södra Sverige (interview + record review)

The wise art of being punk This artist is AbsRecommended Let’s get back to business. Absolut Noise season 9, episode 1. Yeah, it’s been already nine years since I started this little boutique. A blog written by a French guy, … » Continue reading

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ETERNAL DEATH – Head (new Labrador records artist)

Ghost band I heard about Eternal Death few months ago when it published its debut song called “Eternal Death” on YouTube. However, I actually had never heard Eternal Death. Cause yeah, believe it or not, this unusual debut video and … » Continue reading

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RUSET – “Allt som räknas” (video)

Absolut Noise – season 7 – first episode Absolut Noise, season 7. Clap clap clap. Let’s go. This blog has been running since February 2006, which makes it one the oldest blog dedicated to Swedish music. I have seen many … » Continue reading

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SIMON RYMAN – new songs from his soon to be released debut album named “DAWG”

Weightlessness Simon Ryman – DAWG (live recording/rehearsal video) Simon Ryman, then. As long as I remember, this guy used to cook some nice folk songs. I already mentionned him in this blog, but it was a long time ago, with … » Continue reading

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Paper – Back to Bagarmossen (split single with les Big Byrd) (premiere!)

This artist is AbsRecommended Paper – You don’t have to be afraid (unreleased song, live video) Download Paper – Back to Bagarmossen /// Important update : I forgot to point out one important point about this split record: Back to … » Continue reading

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