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KÖNSFÖRRÄDARE – End of history (album review)

1992 I felt totally in love with Könsförrädare debut album “Curse all law”. It even ended #3 in my 2013 top ten list. Five months ago, Blast beats, first single from their upcoming album End of history (out on the … » Continue reading

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MATTIAS ALKBERG – Du vet väl om att jag är värdefull? (new single)

Short it out I think it is time to get out in my yearly summer break. But before to breath, would you mind taking another cup of Mattias Alkberg tea. A strong one. Yes, again. Du vet väl om att … » Continue reading

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MATTIAS ALKBERG – Nöff nöff (first single from upcoming album “Södra Sweden”)

Fredrik Reinfeldt, in hell This artist is AbsRecommended Well, well, well people. I have been asleep for a while, counting sheeps and all, making other projects. But Absolut Noise is back. And with a great come back actually: Mister Mattias … » Continue reading

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KÖNSFÖRRÄDARE – Curse all law (album review)

Not another Swedish pop band As soon as you are a girl singing rock music, journalists come with the names PJ Harvey, Courtney Love and all. Well, Könsförrädare remind me other references: I put them half between Sleater-Kinney and The Organ. … » Continue reading

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Magnus Ekelund & Stålet – Det definitiva drevet (record review)

Hagnesta Hill Magnus Ekelund & Stålet – Supernova (video) Download Magnus Ekelund & Stålet – Fortfarande här Too much sugar, too much cream, too much chocolate: Magnus Ekelund & Stålet cooks some fat pop full of big chorus, ecstatic vocals … » Continue reading

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