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LONEY DEAR – Hulls (Mats Udd video)

Weirdeo One of the weirdest video released recently. A Mats Udd one. One of the truly best Swedish director, as I already said. And, well, Loney Dear. You know him, right? Loney Dear is Loney Dear. Take it or leave … » Continue reading

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PAPER – Friah (live)

2016 Welcome to 2016. How to reboot this blog for this new year? With the best song of the best album of the best band of 2015! PAPER’s Friah. Here you go. Tweet

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Indo-Swedish Some people don’t care. I do. I truly believe the opening song of an album is VERY important. Cause (except for few unsane people) this is obviously the first sounds listeners will hear from the record and therefore it … » Continue reading

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BOB HUND – Hjärtskärande rätt

Cult band It happened on Friday: a Bob Hund new song called “Hjärtskärande rätt” came out. And a new video to go with it as well. Two things you should know: First, I have basically two cult Swedish bands, The … » Continue reading

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ANE BRUN – Directions

MTWhat? When I was a kid, there was MTV around. A TV channel full of music videos. You know the story: Michael Jackson’s Thriller and everything. Some specific aesthetics that Alan Parker claimed in many different interviews to have created … » Continue reading

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