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Penny Century – Greed and Grief (acoustic version at Stockholm boat sessions)

Références musicales : Weezer, Hefner

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I have mentionned Penny Century so many times in this blog that you might already know that I do like this band. Their latest single James Hurley was actually released through Absolut Noise at Christmas. Their new album Friends and Family was released few days ago (get it there). It is a must have for anyone who likes melodic pop music. And I would add, for all the ones – like me – who regret Weezer blew it away after Pinkerton

If you wanna know more about the process of the release of this new album, the best you can do is to check their It’s a trap interview (and maybe compare it to the one I did back in 2006!).

Since, this is supposed to be a review, I guess I should tell you my opinion about the record. Well, actually, I’m afraid I will repeat all the good things I wrote in my previous posts about them. Probably, the most striking thing remains the ability of these guys to write so many “obvious” songs. I mean all of them seem to go with the flow with no difficulty, just as if they had been composed very easily. The voice of Julia Hanberg is great as usual and there are many little amazing things such as the funny beginning of Trampoline, my favourite song of the record  (you can download it in this post) that makes the album better than their debut.

Penny Century is obviously in the top ten Swedish pop bands list. I just hope they will release as many records as their idols from the Bear Quartet (and btw why the BQ website has been “suspended” ?).

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