We are the storm – To the North-pole (album review)

A young romantic whirlwind

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We are the storm – I woke up to the bells (live Kvalität video)

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Références musicales : Broder Daniel, Bedroom Eyes, Arcade Fire

We are the storm‘s debut album To the North-Pole (listen to it here ; get it there) is about water and ice. At least that’s how I picture it. Ok, ok, it is also the long awaited debut album of a band praised so many times in Absolut Noise (and in other audioblogs with good taste). As I already wrote in this blog, I love this romantic combo with more members and more talent than usual.

Water and ice, then : the band tries to escape to the cold North-Pole riding songs with titles like Shoreline, The Ocean, The tree by the river, This dried out sea and Atlantis. And the storm is striking with guitars and bells and shouts and tatoos on their arms. A young romantic whirlwind. Just like Broder Daniel used to do before its singer Henrik Berggren grew up and got bold.

If Galilelo was their first single (you can download it for free in this post, but only for three days), it is far from being their best tune. I woke up to te bells remains my favourite, but Bermuda or The Ocean are some serious contenders. The whole piece is quite homogeneous and reminds somehow Bedroom Eyes, another band signed on the great (old Bear Quartet’s) label A West Side Fabrication in its will to NOT be just another “do it yourself” thing. On the opposite, it is a thoughtful piece of music, elaborated in style with a little “too much touch”. Yeah, too much romanticism. Too much complaining voice. Too much youth. And that is this “too much thing” that makes it adorable and irresistible. It sounds a bit as if those young guys from Uppsala decided that might be their first and last record. So they gave everything they got in their blood, their hearts and their sweat. We are the storm? Strike!

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