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After my top 20 Swedish songs of the year, here comes my top 10 favourite albums in 2011. Cause yes, I still believe in albums. As I already pointed out, a “top” is somehow absurd, but it is fun (and long!) to pick your favourite records and decide which position to give to all of them. Well, here you go.

Today numbers 8 to 10.

8/ THE CULTURE IN MEMORIAM – Rest in pieces

The Culture in memoriam – Sisters (video)

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I admit I never paid attention to Culture in memoriam before their third album Rest in pieces released this year. I did not expect nothing much when I listened to it then. But it amazed me. The soundtrack of a feather falling. While the quite feminine voice of Victor Håkansson tells us stories, violins, guitars and plenty of other instruments play together quietly, giving a true sense of harmony and peace. It could be a perfect nursery rhymes anthology to sing to a child affraid by a Tim Burton movie. Or music to be listened to in winter next to a fireplace. Or… well, it is a sweet warm album with only seven songs, but no fillers, only some underdogs’ anthems.

Here is my previous review of this album.


9/ MASQUER – Cover my face as the animals cry

Masquer – Stark naked (live video at Strand in Stockholm)
Stark Naked by Masquer

It’s gonna be the last time ever I say it, but I did regret when Idoru split. I thought it was a waste of talent. So I had high expectations when I heard about Masquer a band formed by Kicki and Pelle Lundqvist, both members of Idoru. At first, I was not 100% convinced by their demos. But when Cover my face as the animals cry, their debut album, came out this year I was relieved. Basically, the record holds everything a debut needs: some obvious singles (Happiness, Flings), a sound recognizable very easily (damn eighties!) and enough emotions to give you both tears and energy. Perhaps, it could be more adventurous and less “straight pop”, but this is one of those records you can listen to from first tune to the last one without skipping songs or get bored. And Kicki has the voice that makes the whole difference with other similar bands.

Here is my previous review of this album.


10/ WE ARE THE STORM – To the North Pole

We are the Storm – I woke up to the bells (Kvalität live video)

The problem with We are the storm is their ability to compose some absolute killing songs like Danmark (fin de siècle) (from their first EP) or I woke up to the bells (THE masterpiece of their debut album To the North Pole). Yes, when a band can write such songs, you cannot accept any flaws. Their debut has flaws (two or three “too” slow songs for me). But it shows also a true potential. Hits are there (Bermuda, Shoreline). Talent too (great voice). And even the ambition to assume a sense of romantic melodies with no shame, just like Broder Daniel did a while ago. Make no mistake, for a debut album, this is a great one. But with that potential, trust me: one day those guys will be at the very top of the Swedish music scene.

Here is my previous review of this album.


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