Best of 2011: Swedish artists choices (1)

Girls girls girls

My “best of 2011″ is coming to its end. Last words to some Swedish artists I love. All of them answered three questions from mine:
:-) : What they liked in music this year, especially within Sweden
:-( : What they did not like in music this year, especially within Sweden
N. : They favourite Swedish newcomer.

Let’s start today with only girls. All very talented but quite different.


Billie Lindahl (PROMISE & THE MONSTER)

:-) From 2011, I liked:

Hans Appelquist – Sjunga slutet nu
Skriet – Det beslutande organet
Katharina Nuttall – Turn me on
The Tremolo Beer Gut – Under the covers with…

There was a lot of international good stuff also going on like Widowspeaker, Cat’s Eyes, Anika and Timber Timbre.

:-( There is so much bad music. Freaks me out to think about it.

N. Next year I am really looking forward to the release of Everyday Mistakes and Diskoteket. They are both releasing albums, and both of them are stunningly great.



:-) There’s been plenty of good this year, but the main ones that took me to cloud 9 was: Frank Ocean and I Break Horses, as well as Andreas Hogby (Torpedo) singing This Must Be The Place at me and my BFFs wedding.

:-( Like everybody else I wasn’t psyched about the whole Lulu thing, but I also couldn’t really care. In Sweden I don’t know really. I don’t really wanna linger on things I don’t like.

N. High hopes for Duvchi.



:-) From Sweden, I really liked the new records of Anna Järvinen, Graveyard, and Matti Bye/Mattias Olsson. But, my favorite band Barn Owl from San Francisco has also released a new record called Lost in the Glare which is mind blowing.

:-( Hmm. Hard to say. I really try to focus on the things I like the most, and just ignore all other shit.

N. My absolute favorite is Xenia Kriisin. Just look at this fantastic clip.



:-) My best of 2011 is:
PJ Harvey – Let England Shake
Gillian Welch – The Harrow & The Harvest
Ry Cooder – Pull up some dust and sit down

In Sweden I liked:
Skriet – Det beslutande organet (I did record that album…)
Anna Ternheim -The night visitor
Hans Appelqvist – Sjunga slutet nu

:-( I can’t answer. I can’t speak bad about my collegues.

N. Niki & The Dove with the song DJ Ease my mind.



:-) I can’t speak for Sweden as much as I can for Malmö. This year I found myself surrounded by friends who all play in new really good bands. There’s been a lot of good shows happening, and the audiences are crossing over. Hardcore shows no longer consist of only hardcore hardcore fans (if you follow), and to me that is only a positive thing. I’m very out of the loop when it comes to metal and hardrock, but two of my favorite albums of the year are domestic: Graveyard – Hisingen Blues, and In Solitude - The World, The Flesh, The Devil.

:-( That Swedes usually have to wait for American media to tell them that something is good.

N. There’s a band from Gothenburg/Borås called Klubb Totaal which is absolutely brilliant. Mellow and poppy and direct. Headed For Disaster from Stockholm are not really newcomers, and not very known, but they should be. Wicked 80s hardcore/thrash. I also like Vånna Inget, Poppets, Tyred Eyes, Infernöh, and UX Vileheads.



:-) Deportees – Island and Shores
Nottee - Don’t waste your light on me/Share this
Serenades – Criminal Heaven
Jennifer Abrahamsson – The sound of your beating heart
Me and my Army – Thank God for sending demons
Syket – With Love.

:-(  This question is always so hard, I never have an answer!

N. Serenades. I like the concept of supergroups. When successful artists cooperate, and they really succeede in making something that differed from the music they’re usually making.


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