Best of 2011: Swedish artists choices (2)

Major characters

My “best of 2011″ is coming to its end. Last words to some Swedish artists I love. All of them answered three questions from mine:
:-) : What they liked in music this year, especially within Sweden
:-( : What they did not like in music this year, especially within Sweden
N. : They favourite Swedish newcomer.

Today, three major unmissable characters of the Swedish music scene, three guys who run some great Swedish labels and one guy who founded the brilliant company Kvalität  (also a talented video director). Seven people the? Yes.

NB : it is quite hard to sum up Andreas Nilsson and Johan Angergård: Andreas plays in Silverbullit but is also one of the top Swedish video directors, and Johan runs Labrador Record but is also a brilliant musician in bands such as The Legends, Acid House Kings, or Club 8.




:-) – Paper
- Paddington DC
- Mattias Alkberg
- That The Hives are recording a new album: I visited them in the studio and heard one of their new songs (written by drummer Chris Dangerous). Truly excellent material.
- That I (almost ) managed to build myself a xoxbox
- I got myself a polyphonic keyboard, a Roland 184, for my Roland 100M
- Rumpeln (again)
- Nightzone Tapes (again)
- Different phasers (Roland 172, Mutron Phasor II, Roland PH-830).

:-( I like to focus on the good things in life but if you want one bad thing that has to be: the abscence of substance (no it´s not a band, nor an album, just a condition).

N. Oh, I have not actually listened to a lot of new stuff so I´ll have to blank this.



:-) I liked Jussi Björling and the Matti Bye release Elephant and Castle. Especially the deluxe edition. And José Gonzales concert in Copenhagen with the Gothenburg String Theory.

:-( Some Swedish reggae music I heard on the radio.

N. Kriget.



:-) Best album 20111 is by far Kriget – Submission. And Craft – Void.

:-( I don´t like bands who dress up in too big costumes. There´s a lot of them. I can talk shit about many bands and artists but the list will be to long to read. We have a lot of good bands too.

N. Sibille Attar!



:-) Det Vackra Livet’s album was just amazing. It’s in Swedish though so I don’t know how well the emotions in the music translates abroad. And the Amanda Mair singles were just amazing. Pallers and Acid House Kings: I can’t say I don’t love that. Outside Labrador it was mostly the big dinosaurs like Lykke Li and Ane Brun that did music I enjoyed. Swedish music I mean.

:-( There’s always so much terrible stuff coming out, polluting the air and the media. I don’t know if this year was better or worse. I try to look (well, “listen” perhaps…) the other way.

N. Amanda Mair. What can I say, she’s the most interesting artist to emerge from Sweden in a long time. It’s impossible not to love this stuff. People keep comparing her to Kate Bush, but she’s never even heard Kate Bush.



:-) I think this has been a very creative year for many artists. Bands/artists are taking more control over their “careers”, we have seen alot more DIY releases which is the way to go I think, bands and artists have started their own labels, some are collaborating with bigger labels and using their knowledge, some are just doing it 100% themselves. I think acts like Summer Heart and EL-SD are good examples of this.

:-( The majorlabel struggle to keep control and the struggle to manipulate the musicbusiness continues. Which in some cases mean that shitty manufactured music gets the backing that creative and fun music should have.

N. I´d have to say Tennis Bafra. Their story and attitude combined with their sound is amazing.


Daggan Stamenkovic (NOVOTON)

:-) I really enjoyed Mattias Alkberg’s album Anarkist as well his cooperation with Pascal on Allt det här. I also loved Paper – Mischmasch and SKRIET – Det beslutande organet. Promise and The Monster made a cool album as well.

:-( Haven’t had time to listen to bad music at all, but as always the thing that bugs me are when boring artists get more attention that the talented ones.

N. I think both I Break Horses and Syket have made really nice albums.


Oskar Palmbäck (KVALITÄT)

:-) You can tell that it’s been a great year when you see releases like this :
Promise and the monster – Red Tide
Anna Järvinen – Anna själv tredje
Det Vackra Livet – Det vackra livet
Skriet – Det beslutande Organet
Mattias Alkberg- Anarkist
Deportees – Islands & Shores
Thus:owls – Harbours
Jonathan Johansson – Klagomuren
We Are The Storm – To The North-Pole
Bob Hund – Det överexponderande gömstället
Riddarna – Riddarna
Pascal/Mattias Alkberg – Allt det här
Syket – With Love

And here you have some of my favorite songs 2011:
Riddarna – Rytmen i natten
Mattias Alkberg – 80 vårar
Jörgen Kjellgren – När nätterna når hamn
Alf – Du och Jag
Bob Hund – Stanna klocka stanna
Dante – Next to You
Thus: Owls – Museum
Jonathan Johansson – Redan glömda
Jens Lekman – New Directions
Syket – Fish Band
Ruset – Frälsning

:-( Hhmmm, I think it’s sad that a great festival like Arvika has gone to the grave and that Stockholm, compare to Gothenburg, is terrible when you talk about festivals. It doesn’t have to be the other way around but I would like to see more music festivals in Stockholm during summer.

N. I’m not sure if these bands/artists are newcomers in the music scene, but I can tell you that they totally blowed my mind this year :
Me and Skinny Joon
Elias Krantz
Invader Ace
Jörgen Kjellgren
Jenny Gabrielsson Mare
Jonas Asker

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