Best of 2011: Swedish artists choices (3)

The outsiders

My “best of 2011″ is coming to its end. Last words to some Swedish artists I love. All of them answered three questions from mine:
:-) : What they liked in music this year, especially within Sweden
:-( : What they did not like in music this year, especially within Sweden
N. : They favourite Swedish newcomer.

Today, some young “outsiders”, often praised in Absolut Noise.



:-) We have been seeing many good shows, for example: Niki & The Doves at Emmaboda festival, Primal Scream and OFWGKTA at Hultsfred festival.

:-( No comment

N. Korallreven.


Simon Ekstrand (DU PACQUE)

:-) I love the new single “Wolf Hour” from industrial brains in Agent Side Grinder, and the remix by Red Idiot (Emanuel Lundgren) is even better! Worth looking up!

Also, “Skying” by The Horrors is worth mentioning. Other than that it’s mainly hip-hip streaming out my speakers at the moment. Best album by far is $O$ by Die Antwoord.
At last, check out the awaited follow-up from Norway’s 120 days! 120 Days – 120 Days II

:-( New Maskinen single Krossa alla fönster was a disappointment. Shape up!
And as always, the Swedish band names aren’t getting any better…

N. The debut album by I Break Horses is amazing.


Kicki Halmos and Pelle Lundqvist (MASQUER)

:-) That a lot of our favorites have finished recordings that will be released next year. Division of Laura Lee, Per Egland and Streetwaves for instance.

:-(The nice Swedish Arvika festival had to declare bankruptcy. Such a shame to lose a nice synth/electronic festival, there is no other festival in Sweden quite like it. They booked some cool acts like Aphex Twin.

N. I Break Horses, Korallreven and Dante.


Magnus Wikmark (WE ARE THE STORM)

:-) I have not listened to much new music this year but five Swedish records released in 2011 comes to mind for different reasons:
Jonathan Johansson – Klagomuren
Jeniferever – Silesia
In Solitude – The World. The Flesh. The Devil
The Field – Looping State of Mind
Erik Enocksson – Apan.

:-( The American music-media hegemony.

N. The Swedish rap battle scene.


Kim Fastesson (PENNY CENTURY)

:-) Mohammed Ali album Vi, Air France song It feels good to be around you, and of course the recommendation I gave last year: Patrik Backlund and his album Is an arsonist. I think Deportees album Island & shores sounds really good as well and I am also very glad that more Jämtlandisch acts, such as Grande Roses and Popterror have received wider reputation, they both really deserve it. Outside Sweden: The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, My Morning Jacket and Mogwai did great albums.

:-(All the cheesy soul-pop-acts singing in Swedish.

N. Wilderness.



:-) That northern Sweden once again proved to be making world class music. Alkberg, Deportees, Andreas Mattsson, Popterror and Birgit Bidder truly made my year.

:-( Increasing number of televised talent shows and decreasing interest in good music. The usual stuff, I guess.

N. That’s an easy one! Patrik Backlund and Magnus Ekelund & Stålet. Brilliant debut albums filled with both heart and mind.



:-) Well, I haven’t listened to that much new music this year, but a few things stand out and remain in my playlists and earslike Grande Roses – Hide EP, Les Big Byrds selftitled EP and Mattias Alkberg – Anarkist. Magnus Ekelund & Stålet released a great album called Svart flagg (=Black flag). But the best was probably Våld (Violence) by The Hartmans.

:-( A lot of music doesn’t interest me. I guess it has to do with being in a creative streak and recording a lot by myself. Making demos, making records by myself and so on. I’m always analyzing that stuff and listening to it over and over, so when I listen to new music by other artists I have very little patience.

N. Myself.


Joel Segerstedt (OPEN UP AND BLEEDS)

:-) Here’s some swedish bands I’ve enjoyed listening to this year:
- Sanctuary In Blasphemy: Haven’t released anything this year. But I found out about them recently. Great stooner-crust(!).
- Petter Ljungberg: Singer/songwriter. Stockholm. Released his debut album a couple of weeks ago. I love it!
- Neutrum: Great new project by Dwayne Sodahberk!
- Hound Dawg: New kraut-rockish band from Stockholm.
- Martyrdöd: Haven’t released anything new, but I fell in love with this band this year.
- Kriget: Got a new release out. Great live band!
- Dödsvarg: Dark stuff, released by Suicide Records.
- Sju svåra år: Old school punkrock in swedish!
- Grace of Wounded Horses: Dark, ambient and beautiful. Released debut EP 2011.
- Pascal & Mattias AlkbergAllt det här:  Split album. Released in the beginning of this year. Great songs, by both Pascal and Matti.

:-( Lots. I don’t understand the never ending hype around Lykke Li and Kleerup for example. That kind of hipster bullshit…

N. Neutrum, Hound Dawg, Grace of Wounded Horses, etc…

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