Culkin – Several Sundays (album review)

Back to the 1990s

Culkin – Tim Kerosene + Kim Heroin (live videos)

There are several reasons why I much prefer the 1990s than the 1980s. The main one might be I was a child in the 1980s and a teenager in the 1990s. I am not the only one. Culkin has probably discovered guitars in the 1990s. It seems they have never recovered.

Their album called Several Sundays released on the 7th of March features 11 songs. From Glow to Slip, it is difficult to pick a particular one. If this album is interesting, it is more because of its global sound than its songs: all of them are actually not that different.

Are we facing a “new grunge wave”? Maybe. This album reminds the sound of other Swedish bands like Tennis Bafra or even Sad day for puppets (Alex Svenson-Metés who is a member of SDFP produced a part of the Culkin record): just like Culkin, those bands could have been formed in the 1990s. Are they twenty years late? Probably. It is definitely not as great as the Pixies or Nirvana, but this revival is quite welcome for those  - like me – who love long guitars solos or broken voices.

(Buy the album here)

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