Paper – Back to Bagarmossen (split single with les Big Byrd) (premiere!)

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Paper – You don’t have to be afraid (unreleased song, live video)

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/// Important update : I forgot to point out one important point about this split record: Back to Bargmossen is a Paper’s cover of a Les Big Byrd song, while Ideal Plane is a Les Big Byrd cover of a Paper tune. Both bands even imitated the style of the other band for the record sleeve… ///

This Saturday, Novoton will release a a split 7″ with Paper and Les Big Byrd (go to the release party!). Only two songs, but two great ones. I will not say much about the Big Byrd one, called Ideal Plane, except it is quite an enjoyable one as usual with this band I already mentionned when they were still named “Big Bird”.

Let’s focus on this new unreleased Paper song that you can download in this post (I even think it is a premiere or something). What’s up with my favourite Swedish band? Well, this Back to Bagarmossen amazed me! I was expecting another great tune of theirs, half-punk, half-obsessive, and eventually I got a pop song. But what a hit! It starts like a Broder Daniel sad piece of Cruel Town to evolve into a Broder Daniel Forever thing. Sure there is the “Paper touch” in it, but truly, when I listen to Back to Bagarmossen I immediately think about Whirlwind. And God knows I much I played the BD hit!

All in all, come from nowhere, the tune sounds as one of the best thing released by Paper ever. I guess it would deserve to be on an album.

Oh, I forgot: Paper definitely remains my favourite current Swedish band.

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