VIDEO PREMIERE – TENNIS BAFRA – Albatross / ÅBE – Roadwarrior (split EP with Soviac)

No method sons

ÅBE – Roadwarrior / Tennis Bafra – Albatross (video)

Nomethod is one of those record labels I do fancy. They release records from brilliant and diverse acts such as Soviac, Love is a burning thing or the fav of my favourite Paddington DC.

They signed Tennis Bafra too. A band I have been following from their very beginning. I am therefore quite happy to feature in this post their brand new video: Albatross, the track 6 from their debut record Abulia Jubilee (my review here).

If they made this video it is because a split EP is released today with their label mates Soviac and ÅBE. Six songs, two songs from each band.

It is also the occasion to see that once again – just like the Paper/Les Big Byrd split EP – the Swedish music scene is a little place full of bands cooperations: ÅBE is thus featured in the video. Well, I mean, there are actually two videos: the Tennis Bafra one filmed by ÅBE, and the ÅBE one – song Roadwarrior - filmed by Tennis Bafra. Just play the video, you will get it.

Also, I’m reaaaaally sorry, but some of you are gonna puke after watching this.  Cause, yeah, the camera is moving a lot. “Do it yourself” style. What da fuck? Slackers? Just pure Tennis Bafra spirit, man! If you don’t like it, just pass your way,  you take rock music too seriously (or you have watched Kent videos too much).

PS: how about the red wine bottle in the video? French wine?

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