SIMON RYMAN – new songs from his soon to be released debut album named “DAWG”


Simon Ryman – DAWG (live recording/rehearsal video)

Simon Ryman, then. As long as I remember, this guy used to cook some nice folk songs. I already mentionned him in this blog, but it was a long time ago, with the old Absolut Noise version, back in 2006.

Six years later, he’s back with an album, his debut one actually, called DAWG. Since start of June, he has shared songs from this soon to be released record on his webpage. Everything in mind remains my favourite. The latest one, Martyr, was published a day ago.

Surprise: this is not folk at all! Somehow, Simon seems to follow the same path Nina Kinert did – he is a member of Nina’s band – evolving from folk roots to pop. Do not expect regular Swedish pop music though, his music is more adventurous, aerial and weightlessness. A strange mix of Radiohead, Antennas and… well… Babylon Zoo. Sound like the complaint of a lonely extraterrestrial lost on his own planet after the Third world war. Promising. The whole album could turn out to be a very good surprise.

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