WESTKUST – Junk EP review

This is for the kids, yeah

Westkust – Alan Life (video)

I was not born to be as cool as Marlon Brando and his bikes or James Dean and his cars.
I was too young to play at being Marty Mc Fly from Back to the futur with his skateboard.
Oh, I heard you: “How about surfin”? Well, do I really look like a beach boy?

All in all, it seems that to be cool = to be wild = to ride something other than a horse (horses are not cool).

My point? To me, Westkust is about riding stuff and pretending there is no tomorrow. Their debut Junk EP was released a little week ago. If you follow closely the “Swedish music scene” you might have already heard about them. For sure, those kids hold an efficient shoegaze formula. It is not as brilliant as their fellow countrymen Sad day for puppets or Culkin, though. No yet, I mean. A serious young contender, anyway.

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