ANTENNAS – Neanderthal (album review)

Alcoholic preachers

Antennas – Heart of Being Young (video)

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Times have changed. Since the release of their second album Feeling Feline Tonight, Antennas saw their singer quit and evolved from a trio to a duo, with songwriter Johnny Persson taking over the singing. One thing did not change though: the band remains one of the most surprising current Swedish pop band.

First single of this new record, No forever (featuring the always brilliant Nina Kinert), was released a while ago, back in April. I already said how much I liked it. Don’t know why it took so much time between this release and the release of the whole record (it will be out on November 23), but now it is about to be out, let’s investigate about what those sounds are made of.

Because it is an unexpected recipe. One could sum it up as an electro pop gospel sung by an alcoholic preacher. Every song has its clumsy little beat, its weird little voice and, all in all, a quite strange atmosphere. To be honest, it sounds sometimes boring (Hospital, Memory Lane), most of the time great (Looking for you, Heart of being young, Machinegun, Neanderthal) and even at the very end, totally awesome, with the last tune Off the deep that you can download through this post for free.

Eventually, you might like it or not, but you’re not gonna find it banal. It needs probably more time and attention than most of music out there to be appreciated. But it is worth giving it a shot: you know, being surprised by a record is a rare pleasure these days.

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