TURN OFF YOUR TELEVISION – Humble ways (album review)


Turn off your television – Planets will collide for you (video)

Let’s start with the flaw: there are probably millions of bands that you compare to Turn off your television. You know those kind of Sparklehorse sound alike. The “pop folk” family. So, yes, TOYT will not reinvent music. But if you enjoy great melodies and songs to listen several times in a row, you’d better pay attention: Humble ways, the second album of the band released a couple of weeks ago, is a step better than their previous one I mentioned here. It holds several little gems like the opening track Blanket of shame or Cradle song that you can listen to within this post.

Actually, I wish the record would be full of catchy tunes like those two because if this Swedish trio is ok when they play ballads, they are really at their best with an upbeat tempo.

To make your own opinion, just listen to the whole album and even download it here (please give a little bit of money for it and do not download it for free).

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