HJÄRTATTACK – Tillbaka till framtiden (album review)

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HJÄRTATTACK – Det var sämre förr (video)

One day, someone should explain to me why there are so many great punk bands in Sweden. Is it the dirt and rage underneath the clean surface of the Swedish society? Or am I just falling into clichés?

Anyway, as I already said in the first post dedicated to them, HJÄRTATTACK is a punk band and the Open up and bleeds twin. I could keep it up short in one single word: punk. That sums up quite well their whole music. I could add “punk with Swedish lyrics” to tease you.

Their debut album “Tillbaka till framtiden” has been released this week. You can download it for free here. I do not like the front cover with the Back to the futur kind of car. But I pretty much love all the rest. Actually, there are few records to remember in 2012 within the Swedish music scene. Trust me, you should pay attention to this one. Especially if you enjoy punk music and are not got over the Masshystery split.

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