PATRIK BACKLUND – Wolfrunner (album review)

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Patrik Backlund – Wolfrunner (video)

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There are two kind of songs: the ones I listen to while I go to work, the ones I listen to on my way back home. Patrik Backlund is an arsonist was Patrik’s debut album. It was one of my favourite record last year. It belonged to the first category. I put his second one called Wolfrunner on the second one.

Thus, if Patrik Backlund is an arsonist was great to wake me up with its perfect pop songs (ah, Seasaw!), Wolfrunner closes the curtain with calm, tenderness and – yes, let’s say it – pure beauty. I was scared this second release would disappoint me, especially since I placed a lot of expectations in mister Backlund, calling him “the best Swedish music artist kept secret” (he still is, but will hopefully becomes less and less secret).

I confess I did not expect a record that different from the previous one. All in all, the result is a glorious piece of noise that is more mainstream that underground (i.e. easy to be loved at the first listen), but -more important- that sounds 100% honest. It holds several gems like (DigLaugh like you mean it or my favourite My valley is my home a song that he played already live in 2010 as you can see here)

Another record is expected from him in the coming months. This time he will play with his new band the Wooden Teeth. I already gave you a glimpse about that. Let’s hope it’s gonna be as good as this Wolfrunner, AbsOfficially the most beautiful Swedish record of this year (release date: 14th of November).

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