BEST OF 2012 – My favourite albums (5-6-7)


My favourite albums of 2012, part 2. After my fav 8 to 10 yesterday, let’s enjoy today numbers 5 to 7.

5. BONDAGE FAIRIES – Bondage Fairies

Bondage Fairies – 1-0 (video)

My previous post about Bondage Fairies.

Bondage Fairies is an eponymous album which is not a debut. It does not happen much. Some will call that a reboost. Well, it will not be true: let’s keep it simple, their third record is also their best one so far. The tunes sound catchy at the very first listen and their “8-bits” noises never make me bored Eventually, this is a hell of a fun record, full of hits. And obviously very different from the dozens of Swedish pop bands that I could listen to this year.



Terrible Feelings – Intruders (video)

My previous post about Terrible Feelings.

2012 was an incredible year for Terrible Feelings: they released “Shadows” their debut album and opened for Refused to quote only two great moments. To me, they have been a brilliant band since the very first time I listened to them, back in 2010. First time I listened to their debut, I wish it would be more punk and a bit less “pop”. But after a while, I have started to enjoy more and more all those melodic songs. They have the songs, the energy and the attitude. For sure, the future belongs to them.



Agent Side Grinder feat. Henric de la Cour – Wolf Hour (video)

My previous post about Agent Side Grinder.

And you, what do you remember from the 1980s? MTV? Money for nothing? Michael Jackson? Agent side Grinder is more about the dark eighties. Joy Division. Synthetiser. Tapes. Their record Hardware holds only eight songs, with most of them that last more than five minutes. This is their third album. It is radical. You like it or hate it. I do love its atmosphere and tension.

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