BEST OF 2012 – My favourite albums (8-9-10)


2012 was not a good year for Swedish music. I actually enjoyed few records, few artists and met few surprises. In addition, the great blog It’s a trap closed and the “old” Swedesplease is not very productive, to say the least.

Anyway, 2012 gave us also some great/cool/interesting music. These are the albums I will remember. Sorry for those I have forgotten. Today, from number 8 to 10. Tomorrow, from number 5 to 7.


8. THE HIVES – Lex Hives

The Hives – Patrolling Days (live at Lyon, France)

My previous post about The Hives.

Everybody knows The Hives are great (especially live). But it is not because we are used to it that we should not recognize a great album when it is here. I mean if “Lex Hives” would have been made by another band, everyone would be like “whaoh! whaoh!”. Well, “Lex Hives” is totally a Hives album. No other band could have made it. Better than their previous one, I would even say it is their best one since “Your new favourite band”. With at least 5 hit singles like “Patrolling Day” or “Take back the toys”. I am not tired of them. Not at all. Their crazyness still works on me. Who could have guessed they would still be on top more than ten years after their beginnings?


9. SKATAN – Seven Trees

Skatan – Tidsfördriv (live at Sinnet)
NB : this song is from the debut album not the one released this year.

My previous post about Skatan.

Skatan has her own music world. In this respect, she reminds me artists such as Promise & the Monster, Dear Euphoria or Stina Nordenstam. I do not mean she sounds like them. Just she writes music in such a specific way that you can recognize her style right away. Of course, her voice is incredibly enchanting. But anyone who had listened to her debut album “We are all children with different titles” (that was one of my favourite albums of 2010) knows that already. Her second album “Seven trees”, released this year, proves she might be here to stay. To be honest, within the Swedish music scene, I do not see much better storytellers than her. Definitely one of Absolut Noise fav.


10. AMANDA MAIR – Amanda Mair

Amanda Mair – House (live at the Swedish TV)

My previous post about Amanda Mair.

A pretty young Swedish girl who sings sweet pop music? It sounds too cliché to be real. But believe it or not: I do like Amanda Mair music. Cause, yeah, you can adore the Bear Quartet, Refused and Paper and still have room in your stomach for bubblegum. Signed on Labrador Records, her debut album is far from being perfect, but songs such as “House”, “Sense” or “Doubt” sound like classic pop tunes. I am pretty sure to listen to them in five years. What Amanda Mair will do in five years though, and where she will be, remain a mystery. Let’s wish her the best. After all, in five years, she will only be 23 years old…

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