My “best of 2012″ is coming to its end. Last words to some Swedish artists I love. All of them answered three questions from mine about:

:-) What they liked in music this year, especially within Sweden.
:-( What they did not like in music this year, especially within Sweden.
N.) Their favourite Swedish newcomer.

After the part1 yesterday, here comes part2 with Johan Angergård, the busiest guy within the whole Sweden (he runs the unavoidable label Labrador and is a member of several cool bands), Manuela Iwansson, singer of the great Terrible Feelings which released a terrible debut album this year (number 6 in my top 10), Henric Claes from the 100% brilliant band This is head, Pontus Levahn who plays in Nina Kinert band, used to play with Tiger Lou and still plays for Torpedo, and, eventually, Simon Ekstrand who taught me few days ago that my Swedish darling band Du Pacque (remember their brilliant debut?) had unfortunately quit… and that three members of it were about to launch a new band!

Tomorrow, part 3, with some other great Swedish artists…


:-) Amanda Mair‘s debut album, Sambassadeur “Memories”, The Mary Onettes “Evil coast” were all great! But besides what happened within the Labrador family 2012 wasn’t a good year for Swedish pop.

It was more of a Song year than an Album year for me. Some of the best non-Swedish songs:
1. Generationals “Lucky numbers”
2. Drake “Marvins room”
3. Dusted “All comes down”
4. Beachwood Sparks “Forget the song”
5. Jessie Ware “Wildest moments”
6. The XX “Missing”
7. Beth Orton “Dawn chorus”
8. A Place to Bury Strangers “I lost you”
9. Lightships “Sweetness in her sparks” 10. Miike Snow “God help this divorce” (Miike Snow are half Swedish so perhaps I should leave them out from this list… great song though. Didn’t like the rest of the album unfortunately).

:-( I don’t know. The lack of new, interesting Swedish bands is something not to like I guess.

N.) Elin Berlin is my favorite newcomer, but she’s so new she hasn’t released anything.


Manuela Iwansson (TERRIBLE FEELINGS)

:-) Graveyard - “Lights Out”.
Plötslig Måndag - “Drag En Tejp Runt Mina Lår”.
If I include Scandinavia then The Raveonettes - “Observator” is probably my most played record of the year. Yacht Club is what I liked most in music in the rest of the world.

:-( Not enough gutwrenching rock. Or is it just me that’s out of the loop?

N.) I (like everyone else) really think that Goat album is great. I’ve also heard some of my friend Robert Hurula’s new stuff. He used to sing in Masshysteri and is gonna release his solo album in 2013 and it’s gonna be huge. I also look forward to what Red DovesNo Future, and L’obscurité might come up with.


Henric Claes (THIS IS HEAD)

:-) Best Swedish pop music this year : El perro del mar.


N.) Goat. I also liked to see Taken by trees live some week ago.


Pontus Levahn (TORPEDO)

:-) I’m aging. Fast. My hairline is receding, I’m rarely go out and what used to be music in my ears is now radio. Talk. News and crappy jokes. Might sound depressing, but it’s not. Or maybe a little. But some music still reach my little eardrums. Only good stuff. This is what made me pause the talk-radio for a while in 2012:
Kriget – Dystopico
Simon Ryman – Dawg
Antennas – Neanderthal
The Price of Ink – Selftitled EP (re-release)
Woodlands – River runs wild
Lindstrom – Smalhans (Norwegian, I know. Close enough)

:-( A whole lot I guess. But I don’t plan on making enemies.
But what the hell, I can live with one – Norlie & KKV.

N.) Simon RymanTight Silk.


Simon Ekstrand (Simon is not a member of the band DU PACQUE because it sadly called it quit… He plays in another band with two other Du Pacque members though… more news soon…)

:-) Swedish: The Mary Onettes - “Love’s Taking Strange Ways”, Agent Side Grinder - “Rip Me”. Foreign: Indochine - “La Buddha Affaire”, Chilly Gonzales - “Nero’s Nocturne”.

:-( Any girl who writes meaningless songs on piano…

N.) Goat - “Let It Bleed“, Shazaam - “Intro”.

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