My “best of 2012″ is coming to its end. Last words to some Swedish artists I love. All of them answered three questions from mine about:

:-) What they liked in music this year, especially within Sweden.
:-( What they did not like in music this year, especially within Sweden.
N.) Their favourite Swedish newcomer.

After the part1 and the part2 here comes the part3, the last one of my best of. A nice ending with Princess Leia, ehm, I mean Nina Kinert, the dark genius Per Nordmark, brilliant singer/producer Katharina Nuttall, the most underestimated pop singer Niels Nielsen and he-is-punker-than-you Joel Segerstedt.

I see you in 2013 guys. HNY.


Nina Kinert

:-) The songs, coming from Sweden, that I liked the most this year were:
Lorentz&Sakarias feat. Duvchi – Molnen (Ni kan inte nå mig)
Mariam The Believer – The String of Everything
Linnea Olsson – Giddy Up!
Musette – Coucou Anne
Shout Out Louds – Blue Ice
Frida Hyvönen – Gold
Niki & The Dove – Tomorrow
El Perro Del Mar – I Was A Boy
Christian Gabel – Lupus Mekanika

:-( Whitney (Houston) died. Not in Sweden, but from the whole world. There’s a lot of music that I didn’t want to listen to but I see no point in making a list of those. I will just get in a bad mood. I really tried to like the new Yeasayer album, but oh how I didn’t.

N.) Lune, Min Stora Sorg.


Per Nordmark (KRIGET and BAD HANDS)

:-) Kriget - “Dystopico”

:-( Don’t get me started.

N.) Systraskap.


Katharina Nuttall

-:) I think 2012 has been a little difficult music year cause I really liked a lot of releases in 2011, but if I have to chose some Swedish acts, I like this year the releases of Niki&The Dove and Anna Von Hausswolff. A band outside Sweden I like is Sigur Rós with the album “Valtari” and Patti Smith of course… And next year Radiohead will release a new album: I am looking forward to that…

:-( I don’t really know how to answer your question about music I did not like cause I don´t listen to music I do not like: I don´t have the time.

N.) Riddarna. I saw them recently live at Debaser in Stockholm. I really like them and their album “Bakom Molnen”.


Niels Nielsen

:-) Christian Dohber is back! My favourite voice and one of my favourite songwriters. I just found out he released a new album in 2012 called “A giant leap for man, A small step for Christian Dohber”, but just today I find ANOTHER new album named “From black & White to Christian Dohber” on Spotify. Haven’t listened to it yet, but if it’s another brand new (two albums in one year) that’s just a great christmas gift. Ever since his time with Moses I’ve been following his solo career, and damn, he knows his sound! I would honestly wanna hire him as producer any given time.

:-( That the Swedish Wave Of House Music hasn’t died yet. Or did it? Were the final shows from Swedish House Maffia the final true death for house music? I have a friend who claims he was there when House Music died. Sadly I think we have to live with this shit for another year or two. And then the reunions……. I’m getting old. I spent last night listening to John Lennon and Pink Floyd (I KNOW I’M GETTING OLD) but damn, the drum sound, the songwriting, the lyrics. It’s something else. I know we can’t live in the past, and we can’t just celebrate old music, but please, let’s just move on and let the house music rest for a while. It isn’t even “real” house music? It’s just …. very very annoying and very much the same. Sidechain isn’t cool anymore. Please move on. Triphop died. Big beat died. Hell, even guitar rock died for a while. Let’s hope for a slow and quiet and eternal death of House. Please Santa? Please?!

N.) Wow. Reality check. It’s 2012 right? Oh, I open Spotify and I can’t find any new Swedish music. I usually browse PSL (Per Sinding Larsens blog) to find four new swedish newcomers every day. But I can’t remember what I did like or didn’t like. New bands and projects, solo careers and mix up bands and all star bands all the time. I liked Björn Yttlings new project “Smile” (released by Ingrid). I did like Alina Devecerski and I guess I could include Gros (released by Golden Best) as newcomers. They have already released some music but mainly not in Sweden and I really hope to see them grow in popularity back home. They are one of my favorite bands!



:-) This year has been a year when I’ve mostly listened to punk, metal and HC. Here are some good (Swedish) releases:
Martyrdöd – Paranoia
Nitad – Rastlös & Vild
Makabert fynd – Ondskans flint
Switchblade – s/t
Red Doves – Off the grid
Batalj – s/t
The “Turist i tillvaron” compilations
The record label GAPHALS, releasing lots of good music!

:-( Dunno…Most of it…

N.) Diagnosis? Bastard! (will probably release something good in 2013). Den röda dörren (released by the great record label Sounds of ZilenceAbsNoise: the label distributes The Open up and bleeds, one of the bands of Joel). Pusrad (ex-Raped Teenagers, so not really newcomers, but anyway), Pig EyesUppgång & fall, Knifven, etc…

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