AMBER OAK – Ambivalence EP

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Amber Oak – This life, this heart (video)
NB : this is an old song, not a new one.

Is Swedish pop music still hype? I guess I should ask Pitchfork. But while THE American music site keeps on praising boring bands like Goat and stuff, there are some hidden gems like Amber Oak which deserve to reach a wider audience. That does not mean they are totally unknown. They have been brodcasted on Swedish radio and all. But, to me, this band (that I already mentioned back in 2010) belongs to the very top of “Swedish pop bands”. Nothing revolutionary with their music, but an undeniable talent to cook some unstoppable little hits.

Let’s take, “Ambiavalence”, their latest EP: do you see any filler in it? I don’t. From “Ol’ pa” to “1972″, those guys sound as if The Kooks would have focused less on the attitude and spent more time on their melodies. All in all, another A West Side Fabrication gem. Their debut album “Illt” was good, this new EP lets us expect a smashing second one, if they keep on making such a catchy music.

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