MF/MB – Casualties (from soon to be released album Colossus)

Grungy dance floor

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MF/MB – A beautiful sigh / The Big Machine (live)
NB : those songs are some “old” ones, they will not be featured in the “Colossus” album

Eventually. Here comes a first hint of the next MF/MB album “Colossus” (out in Sweden on the 20th of February and on the 1st of March in the rest of Europe). Well, actually, we already heard the full record remixed (see my post about the “Colossus premixed” album here), but “Casualties” is the first proper single from it. And it is not disappointing. Not at all.

Those guys from Malmö seem to have found the perfect recipe to mix electro, pop, rock and punk in music. They can even add some little dancing beats and a guy/girl vocal duo. In three words: sharp, rageous and catchy.

So, that’s it? Just let me add one thing: in those days where so many bands want to sound grunge, MF/MB could actually be the grungiest one: one could picture them as some Kurt Cobain illegitimate children who would have been clever enough to hide themselves behind electro sounds and stuff. Yeah, grunge I said. And if you do not believe me check out the video within this post and their terrific live version of their “Big Machine” tune.

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