SKRIET – Shanana (album review)

Drunken Arcade Fire

SKRIET – Det kommer en våg (video)

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SKRIET latest record “Shanana” (buy it there) was released few weeks ago and I still have not mentioned it in this blog. Maybe I should not care. Just pass on this one. And write about some new other bands. But, what the hell, there are at least three good reasons to write this post:
1- SKRIET is a band like no other.
2- SKRIET is the other music project of Isak Sundström who sings also in Pascal, i.e. one of my top 3 Swedish bands ever.
3- This is my blog, I do what I want with it.

“Shanana”, then. How can I sum it up? Well, those of you who already know SKRIET (remember my previous posts about them?), will like this record. To me, it is their best one so far.

But how about those of you who have never heard about them? Let’s try to keep it single. This is calm, slow and dark music. With Swedish lyrics which adds a touch of strangeness for all the non Swedish speakers like I am. What else? This is NOT pop. No ecstasy. No direction from a point A to a point B. Not the kind of stuff you play to launch a party (this is more for after-after shows at 6am). This is actually all about wandering. With a little bit of imagination, one could sum them up as a drunken Arcade Fire.

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