WE ARE THE STORM – Wastelands (album review)

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We are the storm – Monument (video)

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Hej guys! I could take some holidays, so I took some. Consequently I have not written for many days in Absolut Noise and have to decide which post to begin with. My email box is full of good (and less enjoyable) Swedish music. But let’s come back with We are the storm, one of those bands I have been following since their very beginnings: first EP was mentioned back in 2009 and debut album “To The North Pole” was one of my favourite in 2011.

“Wastelands” is their new album (get it there). The first one released through the label Kvalität. Musically, there is no major change compare to their previous one. It is still half Broder Daniel, half Arcade Fire. Still emphatic. Still melodic. In one word, still “grandiose”. It actually makes sense: this is a six members band, so expect many instruments in the background.

Let’s be straight, there is always something tricky with this band: they know how to compose imparable hit singles like previous tunes “Danmark (fin de siècle)”, “I woke up to the bells” or “Monument” and “Blue Moon”, from the new album. When the band stands at this level, it is one of the best Swedish pop combos there is. However, they can make less interesting songs as well, a little bit too calm, too regular or too “normal” to me. This does not mean they are bad, but it is a little bit frustrating to hear only good tunes from a band which can cook incredibly brillant pop ones. In this respect, I prefer the first part of “Wastelands” than the second one.

Make no mistake though. All in all, “Wastelands” is a very fine piece of music. And with this second album, We are the storm confirms they stand in a unique place within the Swedish pop scene: far from the sweet little lo-fi bands, those guys build music fireworks. “Pop anthems manufacturers” if you need to tax it.

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