BANANA BEACH – Mobile Homes

The roof post

I checked out my mail box. Inside, there were plenty of tunes from unknown Swedish bands. I read the mails. I listened to the music. There was this band called Banana Beach and a mention to their debut single “Mobile Homes” from their debut EP “Window licking” (no link with Aphex Twin at all). The mail begun with this introduction line: “Banana Beach is an experimental pop quintet out of Stockholm, Sweden, just done independently recording their debut EP titled ‘Window Licking’ in an office on an abandoned floor inside a factory complex, situated in the industrial southern suburbs of the Swedish capital.”

Well, I cannot see anything REALLY experimental here. But “pop”, yeah, that’s pop. Actually, I cannot explain it, but first time I listened to the song I pictured some people dancing on the roof of a building. Maybe, the roof of a “factory complex, situated in the industrial southern suburbs of the Swedish capital”. I don’t know. But, yeah, I pictured a roof. And some people dancing on it. And now each time I listen to it I picture that. No reason. That’s the way it is.

Except the roof thing, it amazed me to realize I do like those “Mobile homes”. My brain tells me “this is much too square, much too common, much too “mainstream-call-it-whatever-you-wanna”. But I admit I cannot resist it: I do like this tune despite of my will, I do like this melody, do like this bumpy beat, do like this chorus. Maybe I need a roof to dance.

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  1. The most sad moment is London after the last race, failed to win any matches, we say goodbye in the locker room

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