JOHAN HEDBERG – Nackamasterna (first single from upcoming album)


Johan Hedberg (live video of an old tune, shot by Jerry Boman in 2012)

A long way. Yeah. It’s been 6 years since I last mentioned Johan Hedberg, one of the member of the brilliant Labrador records label team. We were in 2007. Most of blogs that were around at this time are dead now. It has been a long way. Especially since I last wrote about the Suburban Kids with biblical names, the band Johan is (was??) in before to go solo. A true great band that was featured in my very first post published in Absolut Noise in February 2006.

“Nackamasterna” is the first single (release date : June 12) from upcoming debut album due this fall. Lyrics in Swedish. Whistlings. 1970s atmosphere. And a sexy awkwardness in Johan voice. This sounds like no other (but reminds me the Suburban Kids). You can call it a “feel good hit of the summer”, but with a weird twist. Bring it to the beach anyway.

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