NO METHOD VOL3. SUMMER 2013 – With a new LOVE IS A BURNING THING song inside !

Last post of the season

Here is the last post before my annual summer break. A compilation for once (official release date: today.). Actually, the summer compilation from one of my favourite Swedish label, No Method, with songs from different bands they signed in, including the already praised in this blog Tennis Bafra, No coda or Hjärtat. Too bad there is no Soviac in there.

But there is Love is a burning thing! Yeah yeah, the same band I have been looking forward to listening to their debut album for… seven years!

Here they come with a new song called “Throw it all away”. As usual, a little crazy electro-pop-rock gem. Sounds like the eighties without the clichés. Kind of The Knife little sons, with less brain but more fun. Eventually, I guess this is the perfect way to end this season. Let’s hope their album will be out in 2013…

Anyway, enjoy and see you guys end of August/beginning of September for the Absolut Noise season 8 (damn!).

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