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Samuraj Cities – Boulevards (live video)

This last month was crazy at work. Consequently, I could not find the time to blog as much as I hoped for. Moreover, Absolut Noise will take its usual summer break at the end of this week. I am in hurry then. Let’s write posts I should have written a while ago. Let’s write posts that HAVE TO be featured in this blog.

In this respect, if there is only one post to write, it is the Samuraj Cities “Metallic” album review.

Cause I started to talk about this album a while ago (I even published an interview of the samuraj Jonathan who told me many things about it… three months ago). Cause it is the third one released by a band that remained silent during a long time – voluntary or not – after their second album. Cause we are dealing here with the Samuraj Cities, aka one of my favourite Swedish bands.

Let’s be straight: this is one of the must have records of the year. Those of you who know Samuraj Cities music will like it for sure: it sounds 100% SC without sounding like a copy of their previous ones. Those of you who never listened to them will discover a band with the kind of music production I love, i.e. gritty. I guess you can call that pop music, but it does not actually sound pop in the “Swedish pop” way of thinking. I mean this is not sweet at all. The songs are quite dark, with some little obsessive refrains and lyrics on a loop.

Obviously 99,99% of people will not notice, but as an hardcore Samuraj Cities fan as I am, I should say most of the songs featured in this album were actually written a while ago. I have for instance wrote a post about Next Station two years ago (the song was called like that at this time, with no “boys”, and I stated it was already an “old” one since it was composed a year and a half before). I published another text about “The Things that kids call rock n’ roll”… a song that was released under band’s side project “No Sleep”.

So I don’t know but it seems the record has come a long way. It might be an addition of scars, hidden songs, old tunes that were supposed to see the light of day much before. However, and I do not know how, this sounds totally coherent. This is definitely a proper album, not a compilation of single songs. One of the few in the XXIst century where you can actually smell an homogeneous atmosphere. I guess you call that a “recognizable sound”. I guess that is what makes Samuraj Cities unique. Abs Recommended indeed.

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