Knivderby – Olösta gåtor ur mänsklighetens historia (album review)

Arrrggghhh Yeeeaahhhh Shhhtttmmkkk

WATCH OUT : this song belongs from the previous Knivderby album, not the previous one.

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Please welcome the Antichrist. It is here. His name is Knivderby.

Just go away if you hate the Pixies, Helmet or any bands with a big big, I mean huuuuge, sound. The Novoton guys are back with a new album. Their previous one, “Uppochnervända kors”, was an uppercut. Their new one, “Olösta gåtor ur mänsklighetens historia” , is a hell of a record. I mean literally. This is an album directly come from hell. It sounds as if the band decided to put the level of its sound at its maximum, then to go straight forward, focused on the end of the tunnel, armed with very short & energetic tunes, until they have no more breath to shout. Well, “Underbara dagar framför oss” that you can stream & download on this post remains ok, not THAT loud, and every tune has a melody. But the whole record gave me the impression to face a wall of sound.

For a non Swedish speaking guy like me, let me tell you this sounds very strange, as if someone was shouting aggressive things to me that I could and will never understand. I get the energy though. And I love it. The kind of noise my parents find tiring. The kind of noise that makes me wanna drink another coffee and party. In one word: punk.

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