And this is how love can last more than three years…

This artist is AbsRecommended

Love is a burning thing debut album might be Absolut Noise most awaited record of the year. Or maybe Absolut Noise most awaited record of the last… 7 years!!! Yeah, believe it or not, my first post dedicated to this band was written back in August 2006 while I was still on blogspot and all. We were seven years ago. My life was very different, so I expect the life of band members to be very different too. For instance, they did not have any label at this time. Now they do: the great Nomethod records label.

They claim “Moves” is the first excerpt of the forthcoming album named “Greatest hits” (fun title!). Well, “first excerpt”, I am not sure since I already wrote back in 2010 that “Go back to your cave” was the first single from what I thought would be their “soon to be released” (ah ah ah) debut album… Anyway those Moves have been around for few days and it confirms all the best I think about this band.

I am gonna keep my words until the record is ACTUALLY released though. They say it would be out on October the 21th. I only believe what I see. But I know what I heard : from what I could listen to so far this is a serious contender for best Swedish album of the year…

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