RUSET – “Allt som räknas” (video)

Absolut Noise – season 7 – first episode

Absolut Noise, season 7. Clap clap clap. Let’s go. This blog has been running since February 2006, which makes it one the oldest blog dedicated to Swedish music. I have seen many new blogs coming and leaving. Some “new” ones are actually really good, professional and all. And Absolut Noise? It is gonna keep it its on way, i.e. my way. Do not expect fancy stuff. Do not expect a dozen of authors writing posts. Absolut Noise is and will always remain a non profit, without ads, homemade blog.

Most of artists you are gonna see here are not famous and will probably never be. But I love them. One of those is Ruset, a strange guy I have been keeping on mentioning since his very beginnings.

“Allt som räknas” is a brand new (homemade) video (right now, only 5 views) featuring him live in Slipvillan. Unusual nostalgic electro music with Swedish lyrics. Very absolutnoisish.

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