KÖNSFÖRRÄDARE – Curse all law (album review)

Not another Swedish pop band

As soon as you are a girl singing rock music, journalists come with the names PJ Harvey, Courtney Love and all. Well, Könsförrädare remind me other references: I put them half between Sleater-Kinney and The Organ. Angry as the first ones on songs such as “Cmon Superiors”, as pop as the second one on tunes like “Finger On The Trigger”.

But make no mistake: maybe thanks to the Mattias Alkberg production, their new album “Curse all law” can definitely not been simply tagged as “Swedish pop music”. Forget the nice “ooooh ohhh”. Forget the Labrador touch. Könsförrädare goes another way : this pop music is gonna leaves dirt in your ears. Yeah, this is gritty. And sometimes beautiful (song “Removed Included Glass Mountains”). Typically the kind of bands I used to listen to in the nineties. Simple and sharp (damn song “Okay”!). No electro. No special effects. No big noise. Just some girls and their guitars, their honesty and their great verse chorus verse formula. Sure they do not reinvent the wheel of music, but hell I love this record.

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