MF/MB – Your suitable glitter EP

Primal Scream

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MF/MB @Malmöfestivalen 2011 “Full live concert” (Except first and last song)

What? I have not mentioned yet the new MF/MB “Your suitable glitter EP”? Really? But isn’t it one of my top 5 Swedish bands? Yeah yeah yeah, hell it is. And hell is this new song named “Your suitable glitter” (that was recorded during the same session than “Colossus”, their latest album).

I wrote the word “grunge” on one of my numerous posts about them. I re-write it again here. This is a grunge song. A kind of Pixies tune on ecstasy. With a Primal Scream electro touch in it (actually this song could have been in the track listing of Primal Scream brilliant album “Accelerator” with no shame).

Oh, there is a remix and two other tunes featured in this EP. But I don’t care much. Remixes are not my cup of tea (I always go for the original) and the song “Your suitable glitter” is so damn good that it eclipses the three other tunes within the EP.

PS : I have never had the chance to see MF/MB live but, according to several videos – including the one in this post – they do rock. That’s what you’re gonna check out, if you attend tonight in Stockholm their sold out gig at Debaser Medis: MF/MB opens for… Primal Scream!

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