TUNIC – Tunic Sandviken whatever (album review)

Hello! Nineties?

I met music in the nineties. The Pixies, Nirvana. Grunge, ya know. Nowadays, several bands in Sweden play actually those kind of noise (Culkin, for instance). A strong revival. Tunic (friends with the great No Coda, by the way) does not exactely go grunge, but their sound reminds me what Hole could do on albums like “Live through this”.

A female voice, some melodies and a 5 songs EP “98% mixed”: the band is back after a long hiatus due to parenthood. When I first wrote about them back in 2007 I said I could not “lock them in one single genre”. Their new tunes are more homogeneous. Still sharp. They make me want to listen to more. I guess I am gonna keep an eye and an attentive ear on them.

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