Did I enjoy listening to Swedish records this year? Hell, yeah. But not that many. You should however listen to those featured in my top 10 list of the best albums released in 2013.

Yesterday was all about numbers 5, 6 and 7, the day before about 8, 9 and 10. Today: numbers 2, 3 and 4.

2. MAKTHAVERSKAN – Makthaverskan II

What I wrote about Makthaverskan in Absolut Noise : here.

Ok, then. Let me pitch it for you: “Fucking Amal 2″: the girls turned older and they listen to Makthaverskan to remind them when they were old and all. Well, if you’re not Swedes, you don’t get it. You never saw the movie “Fucking Amal”, did not know about the Border Daniel songs featured in the soundtrack, never heard Makthaverskan superb second record released this year. If you’re Swedes, maybe you’re gonna agree with me, to put it simple: Makthaverskan are the new Broder Daniel. As romantic, as “grandiose”, as “punk” somehow. It definitely smells like teen spirit. “Fuck you” as a chorus? No problem, the young girls from Makthaverskan do it in the chorus of opening tune “Antabus”. The whole record follows the same logic. It could sound ridiculous. To me it sounds fresh.


3. KÖNSFÖRRÄDARE – Curse all law

What I wrote about Könsförrädare in Absolut Noise : here.

An Absolut Noise best of with nothing from Bear Quartet (they did not release anything this year), and nothing from any BQ members albums in my top ten list? That looks like it. For once, Calle Olsson did not make any Paper or Paddington DC record, Jari might have produced great records as usual but there is none in my list. And the Mattias Alkbergs Begravning thing, to be 100% honest, is not my cup of tea (too dark for me?). However, there is this “Curse all law” (great title!), the totally brilliant Könsförrädare album which is produced by mister Matti Alkberg himself. A true rock album cooked by a female band worthy of Sleater-Kinney. Full of hits (“Raging rivers”, “C’mon superiors”, Death to stories”, etc.). In few words: my favourite debut record of the year.


4. SAMURAJ CITIES – Metallic

What I wrote about Samuraj Cities in Absolut Noise : here.

Hey, what did you expect? Did you seriously think I would make a best of the year thing without a Samuraj Cities album? C’mon guys! If there is only one thing I know, it’s that Samuraj Cities are the most underrated Swedish band on Earth (I did not explore the other galaxies). “Metallic” is probably not as brilliant as their previous one “Mixed Up Record Collections” (a true masterpiece), but from “Wild at heart” to “Boulevards”, this is obviously a must have record with some of my fav tunes of the year (“The things the kids call rock ‘n’ roll” : yeaaaah). Anyway, the Samuraj kids deserve a wider audience, an international one.


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