Did I enjoy listening to Swedish records this year? Hell, yeah. But not that many. You should however listen to those featured in my top 10 list of the best albums released in 2013.

Yesterday was all about numbers 8,9 and 10. Today: numbers 5, 6 and 7.

5. LOVE IS A BURNING THING – Greatest Hits

What I wrote about Love is a burning thing in Absolut Noise : here.

“Greatest Hits” (fun title!) was one of my most awaited album of this year. Actually, I had been waited for it for several years. Since 2006, when I heard for the first time “Dancer on a chair”. The record is a must have, very influenced by the eighties (but the good sound of the eighties). For sure, if you have been following the “career” of Love is a burning thing before the release of their debut album, just like I did, you will not be surprised. Most of the songs have been available between 2006 to this year in one way or another through the web. However, I am pretty sure 99% of the public did not know how good this band was before the album came out. And if you still do not know about them, you’d better check them out right now.


6. THIS IS HEAD – The Album ID

What I wrote about This is head in Absolut Noise : here.

“The Album ID” definitely proved This is head was one of the most interesting current Swedish band. Probably more accessible than their first album, this record shows also that the band can explore ways one did not expect them to explore according to their debut songs. Within the tracklist stands a true masterpiece, “Staring Lenses”, definitely one of my fav songs of the year. All in all, it is impossible to categorize this band, but I am truly wondering what their future sounds will be like and to which music universes they will bring me to. Cause, yeah, This is head deals more with building imaginary parallel universes than just making songs.


7. HjÄRTAT – Blank Spaces

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What I wrote about Hjärtat in Absolut Noise : here.

Wankers. Yeah. Hjärtat are some wankers. Or at least they sound like it. I mean, “Blank Spaces” is the drunkest album of this year within the Swedish music scene. The band seems to never really care about what they are playing and, if you ask me, this is exactly the way to do it. Sure, they remain quite confidential for now. But I’m pretty sure there is a wider audience for them, hidden somewhere around, busy reading Pitchfork and PSL. Anyway, I will for sure be there when their next songs will be on.

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