Now I told you about my own favourite records of the year, here is what Swedish artists Absolut Noise does like remember from this past year. I just asked them to send me a “top 10 list” of this year 2013, i.e. what they liked in music, especially within Sweden.

Featured in this part 1, some major Swedish artists to me: Mattias Alkberg, Division of Laura Lee, Calle Olsson, Riddarna and This is head.


My top 13. Because 13 is the lucky number. Three Finnish records aswell, since, well, why not? And I’m sort of keeping it within the concept of top ten swedish albums anyway.

Kajsa Grytt – Jag ler, jag dör
Maria Eriksson – Stjäl det du behöver
Skriet – Shanana
Seremonia – Ihminen
Räjäyttäjät – Awopbopaloopop Alopbam Räjä
Cult Of Luna – Vertikal
Knivderby – Olösta gåtor ur mänsklighetens historia
Räjäyttäjät – Räjeyttäjät!
The Old Wind – Feast On Your Gone
Nord & Syd – Som en människa
In Solitude – Sister
Vit päls – Ägd
Terra Tennebrosa – The Purging



Håkan Johansson 
Live shows:
Mikal Cronin – Live at Pustervik, Gothenburg (international)
Killers walk among us – Live at Pustervik, Gothenburg (swedish)

The National ”Trouble will find me”
The Bronx ”IV”
Cult of Luna ”Vertikal”
Wintergatan ”Wintergatan”

TV show theme, Bron – Season 2
Choir of young believers – Hollow Talk

Best Record company:
iDeal Recordings

Best beer while listening to music:
Vuur & Vlam by De Molen (international)
Nelson Sauvin by Beerbibliotek (swedish)

Jonas Gustafsson 
Steve Gunn “Time Off” (album)
Todd Terje “Strandbar” (track)
Nine Inch Nails “Tension 2013″ (concert movie)
“Prisoners” (movie)
“The Place Beyond The Pines” (movie)
Peter Van Hoesen “Life Performance” (album)
Homeland, Season 3 (tv show)
Kartellen “Ånger & Kamp, Del 2″ (album)
Junip “Junip” (album)
“Musikhjälpen” (charity event)

Viktor Lager
Best Swedish album:
Ossler – Stas
In Solitude – Sister
Knivderby – Olösta gåtor ur mänsklighetens historia

Best non Swedish album:
Dumb Numbers – Dumb Numbers
Pissed Jeans – Honeys
Kurt Vile – Wakin on a pretty daze

Best live:
Dinosaur Jr, Pustervik Gothenburg
Ossler – Nefertiti Gothenburg


Calle Olsson (from PAPER and PADDINGTON DC)
In no particular order:
1. Vernichtung “Disciplin” unreleased song
2. The Knife
3. Makthaverskan
4. I Break Horses “You Burn”
5. Paddington DC “UNI” EP unreleased
6. Timedeleters
7. Music Box “Revolution”
8. Recording Paper’s new album, It is so much fun when we record. Oceans of coffe and coookies.
9. Matti Alkberg
10. Dödsfest



Edward Forslund
- Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Live at Way out West festival in Gothenburg. Need I mention that I belive in the power of the trio? This band blew my mind with their energy, attunity, their attitude, and the way they played their inspiring melodic lo-fi grooving music. I’m trying to say that they rocked my ass off if you were wondering. God damn what a band.

- Daniel Johnston
Live at Pustervik, Gothenburg. It was a little bit like beeing kicked in the heart and slapped in the face. In a soothing yet exciting way. Some words that come to mind when thinking about this gig: true, genuine, authentic and right-down.

Live at Pustervik, Gothenburg. It’s so great when you stumble upon a band that kicks ass live. Dark, heavy and good songs. I need to listen more to this group. That’s what I thought when they went of stage.

- Mattias Alkbergs Begravning
Live, Pustervik again – this epicentrum of alchohol and live music that I cannot seem to escape. Mattias is one of the greatest rock stars around. Yet, he is not a rock star. But still, he is. He certainely has his own way of writing lyrics as well – totally bas ass, that’s what it is imho. I really like the band too.

- Bombino
Live, at a little place I like to call Pustervik, in a magical town called Göteborg. It was Jimi Hendrix from another dimension. It was a guy from Africa with his most awesome band, dressed in what a lazy Swede would call white sheet of coolness, coming to Sweden to show us the forgotten art of guitar playing, and to rock our asses of desert-style with political songs sung in Tuareg, which by the way is a language far cooler sounding than english at times.

- This is head
Live at Pop i Gapet, another tiny little festival and of course totally awesome. We had done our show, bodies tired but happy, we had drinks in our hands and the mood was just right. This is head went on stage and, well I think it was quite magical. Small stage, lots of smoke, happy crowd, midnight. yeah.

- This is Hultsfred
One of Swedens old well known festivals reborn. Me like these small festivals built with a lot of heart.

- Rockskallen
The “Scull of rock”. One of the few recurring live music events on the Swedish island Gotland that will always be my home. It’s nice to see that they are keeping it up.

Patrik Jakubowski
My 6 point music 2013 list. In no particular order:

• Rafael Blechacz – a polish pianist who plays that instrument like an alien.

• Hailu Mergia – Hailu Mergia – Hailu Mergia & His Classical Instrument: Shemonmuanaye.
Psychedelic accordion music from Etiopia. I just started listening to this after hearing a tune on the radio. 70s psychedelic accordion, and synthesizers. This must be great I thought! So my hope is up that the rest of the stuff is just as good as the one on the radio.

• Hjärtat – Black Spaces – Disc 1
Ax1 swedish noise act that came out with a new record “blanc spaces”. Quite twisted and at times brilliant.

• Vånna inget – Ingen botten
A new release I only heard a couple of times but it sounds great and is something I’m definitely gonna listen more to.

• Knivderby – Olösta gåtor ur mänsklighetens historia.
A new release from our label buddies. I’m looking forward to watching this live, I assume it will be mad. That´s anyway what the singer sounds like, completely mad.

• Melody’s echo chamber – Melody’s echo chamber
The song crystalized is amazing. It came out in 2012 but it’s too good not to mention here.


1. Island in the sun –> We had an amazing weekend on the small island Jurmo outside Åbo, Finland. Island in the sun festival was a perfect mix of music, sun, sea, archipelago. We would like to go back there again! And we saw both Sibille Attar with here band and Gnucci play in the sunset there!

2. Psykjunta –> This was a festival outside a small town in Sweden called Alvesta, its placed in a old ”folkpark” (an area build in the 60s so people could go somewhere and dance, buy hotdogs, get drunk and have sex in the woods). This location is still very good looking and this festival Psykjunta was such a nice psykadelic festival and had a great vibe. We saw band like Music Is The Weapon, Natten there, unfortunately we missed Dungen – we had to leave for Hultsfred festival.

3. New York –> For the first time we went to USA and had a really cool week in New York, we played at several places like Glasslands, Pianos etc. It´s an classic old dream to be there and play there, we will actually go back in february 2014, looking forward!

4. Toronto –> At the same time we went to Toronto and played some shows there as well, it was the CMW festival and it was nice, we got the opportunity to support A Place to Bury Strangers – nice guys and when we later went to New York we could visit Olivers Effect Pedal Company, so cool!

5. We released our second album ”The Album ID” in Europe, (it will be out in US in 2014). After a lot work during 2012 and 2011 on this album we could release this, felt good!

6. Hultsfred festival –> This was probably our best gig this year, supergood crowd, nice stage, great sound, we played in the late night, had a perfect set!

7. Some of us were at Roskilde Festival, it’s always nice to be there, we saw Goat, Rihanna, Sigur Ros, Bombino and a lot of other great live shows!

8. Sun & summer of 2013, we love the sun and the summer.

9. Fishing –> the day before we played at Malmöfestivalen we went to the harbor in Malmö to try to catch some fish, we ended up with a really small one that we let live. Fishing is a really good way to calm down before a gig!

10. The drive between Toronto —> New York with our manager Greg Vegas behind the steering wheel, listening to great american radio music, stopping by the niagara falls (that wasn’t that amazing :)), drink big coffee and eat doughnuts.

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