Now I told you about my own favourite records of the year, here is what Swedish artists Absolut Noise does like remember from this past year. I just asked them to send me a “top 10 list” of this year 2013, i.e. what they liked in music this year, especially within Sweden.

Yesterday there was the part1, today, featured in this part 2, only ladies, with: Terrible Feelings, Soviac, Anja Bigrell, Nord & Syd and Karin Ström.


Manuela Iwansson (from TERRIBLE FEELINGS)
There were two records that really stood out for me this year:
Beastmilk – Climax
MF/MB – Colossus.
They are ridiculously good and should be getting well-deserved attention all over the globe.
Otherwise, some Swedish releases that I enjoyed include:
In Solitude – Sister
Ossler – Stas
Mattias Alkbergs Begravning – Mattias Alkbergs Begravning
Hårda Tider – Scandinavian Hardcore Insanity.
My favorite EP was Ell V Gore – Sex Static
My favorite tracks were: VIDEO – (Join The) Hate Wave, and White Lung – Blow It South.
What I was most excited for though was of course the 7″ “Backwoods” that we put out with Terrible Feelings, our best release so far.


Kate Breineder (from SOVIAC)
My list would be very short. Two acts outshone all other:


My ten favorites of 2013:
Live: Don’t be a stranger at Debaser Strand
Album: Blood Donation by Mariam the believer
Event: the release of my album after years of hard work
Newcomer: Lilla Namo
Song: (inte) hem by Skator
Voice: Mariam the believer
Pop: Britta Persson
Favorite bass-player of this year and of every year : Jesper Skarin
Jazz: We are the other woman
Artist: Jenny Wilson


Julia Hanberg (from NORD & SYD)
My top ten favourite songs of the year (in no particular order):
She and Him – Never wanted your love
Pure Bathing Culture – Pendulum
The Besnard Lakes – People of the sticks
Könsförrädare – Raging river
Chrvches – The mother we share
Sibille Attar – Come night
Phosphorescent – Song for zula
Veronica Maggio – Sergels torg
Skriet – Godnattvalsen
Mattias Alkbergs Begravning – Skända Flaggan


1. Matthew E White: Big Inner. Like lullabys for grown-ups. Helped me through rough days.
2. Junip by Junip. Gonzalez is a genius.
3. Atlas: Things we left behind (that song in particular)
4. Haim!
5. Gabrielle Aplin: Please don’t say you love me
6. Asgeir Trausti: Hærra
7. Yuksek feat. Oh land: Last of our kind
8. Jenny Wilson: Demand the impossible.
9. Linn Öberg: Her EP Parades came 2012 but I discovered her this year…
10. Mariam the beliver: Blood Donation
4 of 10 are NOT Swedish But these are the ones that I’ve listened to the most under 2013 and I’ve got to be honest!

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