DIVISION OF LAURA LEE – Tree (album review)

Das reboot

Warning. Warning. Warning. Sons, here come the grand pa’s and they’re gonna kick your ass. Again. Let me put it this way: I think I have never really recovered from “Black City”, a Division of Laura Lee album released back in 2002. Remained stuck (and deaf) from their Popaganda (so loud) gig I attended in Stockholm during Spring 2004, while their album “Das not compute” just came out. Sure I was a little more doubtful with “Violence is timeless”, their latest record I heard from those guys released in 2008. It did not match the level of the previous ones, even if songs such as “Caress/Hotnight”, “LAX” or the “Violence is timeless” chorus were golden.

But, hey, a new album! “Tree” is its name. Release date: 3rd of April. Turns out its birth has been chaotic and is actually released through the band’s own label “Oh, Really!?”. They had been silent during four years before the release of “Violence is timeless”? It took five years to actually release this new album…

Anyway, if they might jump on stage less than their fellow countrymen The Hives or The (International) Noise Conspiracy, those guys have always rocked. Good news: they still do. But in a little different way. Cause, yeah, “Tree” is all in all less angry than its predecessors.

Let’s take the opening song “Great Machinery”: it could be sum up as a dreamy ballad, right? And how about about “WWIDC”? More an “Incesticide” tune than an “In Utero” one, if you know what I mean (If you don’t, I mean it’s closer to pop than punk). The fact, the Division of Laura Lee guys worked with Jason Lytle from Granddaddy on this new production can be a beginning of explanation of why they slowed it down a little. Or maybe they just go old. Or – and that is my personal explanation – they just try to evolve instead of repeating themselves. Boredom is timeless and if reinventing itself is the key to prevent a band from dying, I guess DOLL can still live for several more years.

So, I won’t lie to you: I will always prefer when they go straight to hell like on “Cabin Jam” or “Rudderless”, but the diversity of “Tree” quite impressed me in its ability to reboot a band I thought half dead. And if it’s gonna be born only in 2014, this album is already one of my fav from 2013.

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  1. Roberto says:

    Whoa! 4 years from its release and I just discovered this album, I thought this guys were done and was missing them for like, 8 years now. Gonna listen to this stuff right away.

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