ETERNAL DEATH – Head (new Labrador records artist)

Ghost band

I heard about Eternal Death few months ago when it published its debut song called “Eternal Death” on YouTube. However, I actually had never heard Eternal Death. Cause yeah, believe it or not, this unusual debut video and song was quite unusual: only fueled with silence and a black screen (watch above). I thought it meant to buzz. But maybe it was just meant to be funny. “Head”, their first actual single answers some questions one might have: who’s that ghost band that makes ghost music?

Well, let’s put it that way: some music is made to make you dance. It connects to your feet. Some sounds are more dedicated to your brain, your soul, your spirit. It elevates you in some kind of other dimension. At least above normality. Eternal Death manages to dialogue to your head, but tickle your toes as well. The beat might make you wanna dance. The sweet voice of the young girl singing belongs to another world. Do we have here another new great Labrador Records artist? Absolutely.

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