HJÄRTATTACK – Misantropen EP (review)


This is an old song from Hjärtattack, not a one featured in their Misantropen EP.

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The punk guys from Stockholm are back. And they are still angry as hell. News: they brought a girl (Malin Ringsby, from the grrl riot hardcore band called “Jenny came back”) and a new guitarist (Andreas Baierin) into the battle.

I have always enjoyed Hjärtattack music, just as I have always fancied The Open up and bleeds tunes (the English project of Joel, singer of the band).

Misantropen EP is supposed to be released in a next future. Joel and his wife decided to start their own record label KP Döden which will release it. It is a straight to the point punk 4 song record. One of this tune is “Handsken är kastad” that you can listen to in this post. According to Joel, it is about “a Swedish racist right wing politician called Tobias Billström. We’re shouting Billström in the chorus, and challenge him to fight against us”. Nice program…

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