FREDRIK GEORG ERIKSSON – Volume (album review)

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As I said yesterday, it’s been ages since I did not blog on a regular basis here. Now am back I have to get through all the emails I received and pick the right one as a come back. As often, I go for a Novoton records artist. A new one actually. Fredrik Georg Eriksson who released few weeks ago his debut album “Volume” (get it there).

The press thing says : “One of Sweden’s hardest working punk/rock musicians is finally releasing his debut album! Fredrik Georg Eriksson has been touring the world with his other band Twopointeight (who also just finished recording their third album, produced by Brian Fallon of The Gaslight Anthem), as well playing live with Alonzo Fas 3, and also (live and on records) with Knivderby, Alouatta and Karl Buhre”. Well, the three last bands/artists mentioned are some guys Absolut Noise has followed for a while and “punk” is the kind of word this blog always fancies.

The album is not “punk” if you ask me, though. But it is definitely different from most of music you can listen to around. First, the kind of Tom Waits voice strikes the ear. Second, the freedom in every song pleases me. There is something “jazzy” in this. I mean you are never sure to know what is about to happen next: a song can take a direction, then turns radically different. Always a good thing to be surprised. Third, this musically superior to 99% you heard this past month.

Have a listen to single “Labels on end” and have a look to the live video: “The woodwork” is my favourite song from him. A terrific angry tune that sums up everything I love in Fredrik Georg Eriksson (voice + melody + musicality).

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