ANWAI – Asking


I do not believe in those “rock”, “pop” or “electro” categories. I mean I do not listen to music to feel “rock”, “pop”, “electro” or whatever. I just reach feelings if you know what I mean.

In this respect Anwai (aka Mons Lorentzon and Amadeus Rudolfsson) debut single “Asking” belongs to my “get some sleep” category. I will probably never play it on my iPod during daytime. But when the sun is down and the sky is dark, it sounds just the way I want it to. Soft. Sweet. Soothing. It reminds me this band called Day One which released a brilliant song called “Bedroom Dancing” several years ago. So, sure I am not a doctor, but if you need to get some sleep, follow my suggestion: put this little whisper on.

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