DISKOTEKET – Jag ser över mitt liv (album review)

1980s are not over

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I never thought I would ever write this, but now I am listening to Diskoteket, I can affirm post-Apocalypse will sound 1980s. Cause, yeah, when you have finished to listen to their new record, you feel like the whole universe has collapsed. You feel like something intense have got into your veins. You feel dizzy. As if it was 6am and you were eventually alone on the dancefloor. Remember how much I fancy Love is a burning thing? Well, Diskoteket is exactely as 1980s, but harder, higher, darker.

Rewind. I think I heard their name thanks to Billie from Promise & the Monster who gave me the tip: “you should listen to Diskoteket” she said back in… well, back in when MySpace was still “the place to be” when it came to listen to music. Before Spotify. Before people stopped to buy albums. A long time ago then. I should pay a deeper attention. I missed it, I admit.

Present time. Play. On the 10th of December, Jag ser över mitt liv, their new record, will be out. It is released through the always great label Novoton. Only six tunes in it. But no filler.

Let’s be honest: the incredible number of Swedish artists influenced by the eighties bores me. Let’s be clear: Diskoteket is the best one in this particular “genre” this year. And since we are end of November, I can tell: this album will be definitely featured in my 2014 best of thing…

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