BANDOBRANSKI / NORDMARK – “My head, my ruin” & “The End”

Bottom, up

Usually, when I listen to a song, I picture a left to right movement. Not this time. When I listen to BANDOBRANSKI / NORDMARK My head, my ruin, for instance, I feel a lift from the ground to the sky. Bottom. Up. Yeah. An unexpected movement of an heavenly feather spoiled by an heavy weight.

The feather? Kicki Halmos voice (you know Kicki, right? Masquer or even Idoru an old dead ban I used to really fancy). The weight? Per Nordmark (Kriget, Bad Hands or, a long time ago, Fireside drummer) weird noises.

The Marko Bandobranski – Per Nordmark duo claims it does “music for film and film for music”. A David Lynch nightmare, if you ask me.

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