Now I told you about my favourite Swedish albums of the year (#1 / #2, #3, #4 / #5, #6, #7 / #8, #9, #10), here come the opinions of Swedish artists Absolut Noise do like. I asked them to send me their “top 5 list of what they will remember from 2014, especially in music, especially within Sweden”. Some made it short, others went long. Thanks to all of them for their time!

PS : there are plenty of artists mentioned here, I did not link to all of them but I guess you can google the ones you are curious about, right? :-)

Today, part 2, with some bands featured in my own 2014 top ten list: Edward Forslund (singer of Riddarna), Karl Malm (singer of Dödsfest) and Tobias Rask from Pig Eyes (and Paper).

Edward Forslund (RIDDARNA)
Some selected good things in music 2014 in Sweden that I, with my limited memory capacity, come to think of right now:

Dead Wax
Some of my best friends formed a band. They might be called Dead Wax, and they have recorded some songs this year, and I can’t wait to hear them. This is my favourite band right now, and I haven’t even heard their songs yet. Look out for this band I tell ya.

Cosmic Everland
This is a fresh new duo (or three piece band on live shows (you know I love power trios (and brackets)) that is lurking around waiting to strike hard. They have already been playing a lot of shows the last couple of months. I like their lo-fi sound, the echoing soundscape and the grungy 90′s melodies. I strongly belive that this gang soon will be well known to people who like good music.

Nova Blast
Another band that people will start to notice in the near future. I just heard some new songs that they’ll release pretty soon I guess. I like this band. I think it’s once again the 90′s rock/grunge blood in me that can’t resist this.

I remember when the singer from this nice band mailed Riddarna like two years ago and said he liked our album (Bakom molnen) and that we should play together. I responded that the feelings were mutual. We haven’t played together yet, but I think it’s only a matter of time until we get together. This year they released “Till dom som bryr sig” (To the ones who cares) and it has been given a lot of good attention here in Sweden.

Exorcist GBG
This band is COOL. They play some kind of space laser funk. The dark beautiful melodies makes me think of sci-fi movies from the 70′s and 80′s, and that is a good thing for me. It’s hard to understand how heavy this act is if you haven’t seen them live.

Cozy cool music.

What would the world be without bands like Dödsfest?

Los Ganglios
This band is actually part Swedish and they are getting huge in Spain where they live. I’m not going to try and describe this bands music, but I read somewhere that it’s “nuevo disco”. So new disco then. All I can say is: explore them on the Internet and you shall find some pretty freaky stuff that you can dance to. They have A LOT of videos. Oh and Los Ganglios have made a super good cover of the Riddarna song “Helvete”

Tyred Eyes
They released a new album this year, and I really really enjoy this song called Marble Homes, Granite Banks.

I saw them in Gothenburg. In Sweden, so that counts!

Karl Malm (DÖDSFEST)
Even though there were many Swedish records that many people who supposedly know these things say were good, nothing really caught my eyes. Probably because I’m too old and enjoy peace and quite too much. Also I think it might be illegal to lie about stuff like this and to drop names. Anyway, here is a top 5 of things from this year that I actually enjoyed :

Damon Albarn
”Everyday Robots” Growing up I liked Blur a lot, so I was glad to hear Damon Albarn making a solo record after all reunions and Gorillaz and etc. The record is really great, sort of blending together Kinks with Lover’s Rock and other London sounds. I love it.

Future Islands – ”Singles”
Manuela introduced me to Future Islands this year. That sort of blew me away and for a while I couldn’t listen to anything else. They’re a funny band, sounds like a guitar band but there are no guitars.

Dean Wareham ”Dean Wareham”/Galaxie 500 – ”On Fire”
Dean Warheads first solo effort sounds like great lost Luna and Galaxie 500 songs, so a pretty nice little record. Then, I read his autobiography, and he seems to be a real asshole, actually writing a sad and pathetic story about going to a whore in Hamburg. So, I ditched his solo record, but still listen a lot to Galaxie 500.

Richard Hell “the Voidoids/Destiny Street/Dim Stars, etc.”
Playing in a band with Conny (AbsNoise : Conny Nimmersjö), it’s pretty hard to avoid anything by Lou Reed, Robert Quine or Richard Hell. Also, Richard Hell’s book ”I dreamed I was a really clean tramp” was a really good read. It goes even for those who never heard of him. Buy it for your mother for christmas!

Mattias Alkberg & Södra Sverige
My old friend the ginger pork chop did it again. He really has a good way with words. He should write more I think. My daughter loves the bass intro to ”Mammas lilla gris”, so we rock out to that around the house.

Tobias Rask (PAPER / PIG EYES)
Not sure about the order but here it is:
1. Södra Sverige Alkberg and company skips the artsy fartsy and gives the big finger in every direction.
2. Les Big Byrd – “They worshipped cats”. Pop-psych at it’s finest.
3. Uran Gbg Not new but finally out on vinyl on Höga Nord Records.
4. Gravmaskin – “Vol.1″. Instrumental and catchy horror soundtracks from Uppsala.
5. Kingdom of Evol – “The second coming of pleasure and pain”. Finally another record from this great goth-fuzzband from Gothenburg.

Otherwise, in 2015, Pig Eyes will play live in Sweden and beyond, Paper’s new record will be out and I will finally get my hands on a PS4.

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